Facing The Water Scarcity Problem With GRP Pipes

August 10, 2020 | Effective Filament Winding, GRP Pipe Production

Facing The Water Scarcity Problem With GRP Pipes

The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources

Over the past decades, dramatic increases in population and quality of life have led to an ever-growing climate change. As you know, climate change has a huge impact on the water cycle and precipitation and, in this way, causes either droughts or heavy rain and floods.

This adversity also has its advantages. In this moment there is a big opportunity that is hidden behind the climate change and we decided to share it with you in this article.

But, before let us describe you the magnitude of the impact that climate change is having and will have on drinking water supplies, sanitation, food, and energy production.


Water Stress by Country

The rising temperature leads to greater evaporation rates and plant transpiration, which results in water loss in soil and plants. Many countries worldwide currently face water shortages. For example, in Iraq, between 1950 to 1990, sandstorms occurred less than 25 times a year, while in 2013, there were some 300 in number. An Iraqi ICRC staff member mused: “Before, rain was falling. Now, dust is falling.” (source: When Rain Turns to Dust, report)

Solutions to Water Scarcity

Without reducing these climate change impacts, the future looks dry, but researchers and governments offer some hope. It is promising to hear that development agencies and governments have concentrated the bulk of their resources on large-scale supply-side projects such as desalination, dam construction, inter-basin water transfers, tapping fossil groundwater aquifers, and importing virtual water. For instance, Iraq’s Ministry of Water Resources indicated last February, that a detailed road map for the development of water resources and infrastructure up to 2035 had been prepared. Without such a plan, the executive said that the current state of the water sector is expected to result in an 11 billion cubic-meter shortage for Iraq’s agricultural sector, which “constitutes a threat to stability.”

GRP Pipes as a Suitable Solution

Providing clean water and sanitation for all is an enormous task and also a huge investment opportunity if you have the right product – the one that is both cost-effective and Eco-friendly. We must point out that GRP pipes are the greenest ones with a contribution of less than 2,000kg CO2-equivalents. Considering this benefit and all the other advantages of GRP pipes, choosing GRP over other, less Eco-friendly materials will be a golden opportunity for your next investment.

Briefly, the GRP pipeline business is growing exponentially and opens up remunerative opportunities for GRP pipe supply entrepreneurs.

However, to fully safeguard your investment and your future pipeline projects, you will have to carefully analyse all the critical phases, starting from the market analysis to the installation of the last pipe in each pipeline. TOPFIBRA is here to support and guide you for the entire project chain.



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