Effective Filament Winding® Technology

What is Effective Filament Winding® Technology?

The Effective Filament Winding® Technology is an upgraded CFW Technology that combines a GRP production plant and methodology.

It is more than a better way to design a complete GRP manufacturing Plant because of its 100% analytical approach that helps you
maximize your GRP production effectiveness.

With the EFW® technology, you will be able to implement the measurement of the correct data within your industrial process,
define the results you need to achieve, perform reverse engineering and correct the activities that do not allow you to achieve the goal.


The implementation of the EFW® Technology in your GRP manufacturing plant allows you to have a perfect understanding of the project requirements, fine-tune your design and perform the right actions in the correct sequence.

Through the EFW® Technology, you will be able to:

  • implement the missing information for a correct GRP industry feasibility study,
  • identify the success of the company as the value of the product and the ability of execution as defined by the market demand,
  • optimize each design and production phase, reducing operational costs and maximizing profits,
  • internally manage the GRP information exchange,
  • bring about greater employee morale and buy-in,
  • focus on the optimization loops for continuous improvement,
  • increase cash on hand.

How does it work?

There are three phases of the EFW® TECHNOLOGY.


Apply the Effective Filament Winding ® Technology from the first day onwards for your CFW Manufacturing Plant.

The EFFECTIVE FILAMENT WINDING® TECHNOLOGY allows you to simulate and choose the production strategy that is going to be the most profitable one for you in the medium and long term.


Improve the working phases that have been identified as crucial for profit optimization.

Applying our EFFECTIVE FILAMENT WINDING® TECHNOLOGY, you will be able to detect and prevent these losses more rapidly, thanks to the EFW® Key Performance Indicators and EFW® Overall Effectiveness Indicators.

Profitability and Competitive Edge


Fine-tune your industrial process to increase your profit even more.

To immediately optimize your profit in the Filament Winding Industry, you need to have perfect control of your industrial process, altering it when needed, and recording all the adjustments.

Maximize your GRP production effectiveness with the Effective Filament Winding® Technology.

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