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Get our Consultancy and EFW® Certification

Avoid production losses due to the shutdown and penalties. Get our consultancy and EFW® certification to ensure the correct production.


With technical audit and evaluation of your plant, you get professional feedback with solutions and Improvement recommendations.

Our consulting team will provide you with:

  • solutions to the problems associated with GRP production, raw materials, commissioning of E-CFW® line etc.,
  • strategic planning,
  • execution for a new project or growth & expansion plans.

EFW® Certification

To help companies solve their problems, we carefully analyzed the GRP market, and we created the EFFECTIVE FILAMENT WINDING® Technology, the First Ever Integrated System to ensure profit-making in the Filament Winding industry.

Our EFFECTIVE FILAMENT WINDING® Technology has been applied in the design and development of high-tech composite products destined to satellite and aerospace applications, as well as for fully composite, high-pressure vessels (300 bar) destined for the storage of natural gas, to name a few examples.

After the completion of the EFW® implementation, TOPFIBRA will perform yearly audits to maintain the EFW certification, to assure that your products, services, and the integrated system meets the EFW requirements.

Consultancy and EFW® certification

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