We Are Almost at The End With The Shipment of a E-CFW Line

August 20, 2020 | News and Events

Introducing our new Technology and GRP Product Engineering Director

We are almost at the end! One of the last shipments before the final assembly.

Two more containers separate us to start assembling the Effective Filament Winding Line (EFW Line). This time, TOPFIBRA is sending the Grinding and Cutting Machine Online. The machine has been designed for grinding and cutting GRP pipe spigot very precisely.

The grinding phase of GRP pipe production has to be very accurate, otherwise, the pipe joint will not work correctly, and it will cause problems during the pipeline installation.

Besides, the Grinding Online prevents the increase of the final cost of each pipe produced as you do not have to:

  • perform more phases during the production of GRP pipe;
  • transporting the pipe from the CFW machine to the Offline machine.
TOPFIBRA Compaction Rollers

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