The Compaction Rollers Are Ready To Reach Their Destination

August 12, 2020 | News and Events

Introducing our new Technology and GRP Product Engineering Director

Shipment Completed! The Compaction Rollers Are Ready to Reach Their Destination.

During the production of a GRP pipe, it is very important to remove the trapped air in the laminate, get a good resin distribution and a compact structure.

On the winding machine, there are two types of compaction rollers:

  • Pneumatic compaction roller;
  • Gravity compaction roller.

The direction, shape and type of the grooves of the compaction rollers have a strong influence on the quality of the laminate, its final cost and its final technical specification (as for example stiffness, hoop tensile, etc).

TOPFIBRA Compaction Rollers

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