Installation of the New Effective Filament Winding® Plant

November 8, 2022 | News and Events

Introducing our new Technology and GRP Product Engineering Director
An incredible start to the week.

A new Effective Filament Winding® (EFW) Continuous production line for a customer is finally all set up.

How is the Effective Continuous Filament Winding production line different from a Continuous Filament Winding production line?

And how is it possible that the EFW® Technology can help you save 132.000 USD in only 20 days? 

It sounds amazing to reach savings of more than 1 million USD a year using the EFW® Technology and equipment, isn’t it?

So, this is how you can achieve the above-mentioned:

Along with the EFW® equipment with its Dynamic Sensors and Smart Feedback Algorithms, the EFW® Technology applied from day 1, will help you to simulate and choose the production strategy that is going to be the most profitable one for you in the medium and long term.

Each variable has to be carefully analyzed, leaving nothing to chance or supposition.

With the new EFW® production line, the customer will now be able to accurately track, anticipate and control all risk factors of the GRB (Glass Reinforced Basalt) pipe production.

Also, the implementation of the Effective Filament Winding® Technology will allow them to have a perfect understanding of the project requirements.

Are you interested in this innovative Effective Filament Winding® Technology in order to improve your pipe production and save more than 1 million USD a year?

Click here to learn more about it, or contact us for a free consultation with one of our Technical Support Managers.

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