Have you ever wondered about the journey of the E-CFW machine to your site?

May 21, 2024 | News and Events

Introducing our new Technology and GRP Product Engineering Director

In our latest video, we showcase how we ship the E-CFW machine to your location.

However, we’d like to highlight a few crucial steps that ensure smooth delivery:

1. Initial Testing: We conduct thorough tests to ensure that all parts are in optimal condition before shipment.

2. Loading Process: Upon arrival at our warehouse, the loading of containers begins. This involves careful loading of components such as the main casing, cam plate, online cutting, grinding, etc. Our packing team meticulously labels and protects each part in containers to guarantee safe transport.

3. Transportation: Once packed, the order is transported to your destination via plane or ship.

Will your E-CFW plant be the next one in our warehouse?

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